The Author

My name is Aaron Griffiths and I am the director of F/Xual Education Services.

I have worked in education in New Zealand for the past sixteen years in both the tertiary and private sectors, both as a tutor, specializing in computing and graphics, and as an online developer and facilitator, specializing in the production and implementation of interactive online courses. In 2006 my attention was drawn to the potential of virtual environments for education and I began investigating these new educational spaces. Since that time I have contracted to a number of developments and research projects that have explored this field from a pedagogical perspective.

I have presented at a number of conferences on the potential of virtual worlds in education, am a co-Founder of the Second Life in-world group Kiwi Educators and administer a number of virtual educational spaces for both New Zealand and overseas tertiary institutions. I lecture online for the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, Bachelor of IT paper MUV601 – Multiuser Virtual Environments.

In support of my interest in online educational spaces, between 2012 and 2015 I read for the MA Education in Virtual Worlds (part-time) with the University of the West of England, passing with distinction. I found this to be a unique and invigorating experience, aligning perfectly with my goal to fully explore the educational possibilities that virtual environments offer.

My business, F/Xual Education Services, alongside its more conventional functions of interactive content development and instructional design, has a particular focus on the creation of virtual world spaces for education, encompassing curricula design, immersive environments, game play design, simulations and role play. Virtually, I develop in both the Second Life and OpenSimulator environments, and am currently branching out into Unity 3D. I can be contacted in Second Life as Isa Goodman and in Kitely (OpenSimulator) as Aaron Griffiths.

If you have questions about a particular post in this blog please use comments so that all may share in the discussion. For business enquiries please email me.


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