Recording OpenSimulator Visitors to a Google Form/Spreadsheet

One of the items that my colleague Liz enquired about obtaining for her Avebury reconstruction was a script that would record visitors to the site. A number of possibilities resided in my Inventory but these required being inworld to access and download the visitors’ list. I recalled having seen a post a while back that talked about recording visitors to a Google spreadsheet and decided to investigate, as this would make collecting the research¬†data much easier. The Easier Google Spreadsheet Visitor Logger post on the Hypergrid Business website was the result.

Problems came however when I tried to follow the instructions for enabling the logger, particularly when it came to locating the keys for the Location and Avatar fields. The suggested pre-filled url didn’t seem to eventuate, at least not to a point where these keys were being revealed. A stint of pushing and pulling under the hood though did pay off in the end and the result is this script. I’ve used the original hard-coded script supplied by Hypergrid Business with a few adaptations which I hope add a little more functionality and ease of use for non-scripters.

Additionally I have created a video that goes through the process of creating the Google form and spreadsheet and demonstrates how to access the required field keys, to facilitate this process. I suggest you watch it fullscreen and in HD to see the detail.

You can create the script by copying everything from the Word document into a blank script inworld and saving it. Then follow the instructions in the video to enable it.

Note: I neglected to mention in the video a couple of variables for keeping the owner of the script and any other selected people off the record, e.g. people working regularly on the sim etc. These reside in the section Scanner & List Variables and should be self-explanatory. Additionally note that the list that prevents people being logged more than once on the same visit, list visitorList, is reset to empty when a Kitely sim goes offline.

If any queries arise please put them in the comments section of this post. Enjoy!

One thought on “Recording OpenSimulator Visitors to a Google Form/Spreadsheet

  1. This script would also work just as well in SL. Just set reportGridName to FALSE and comment out the line location += osGetGridName(); to prevent an error when the script is saved.

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