Graduation Complete: Now the Work Begins

As many readers of this blog will know, for the past three years I have been reading for my Master of Arts, Education in Virtual Worlds, with the University of the West of England. This July I finally graduated, passing with distinction, and having promised myself this reward if I did, I travelled over to England for the ceremony, held in Bristol Cathedral. It was a marvellous trip, with not only the benefits of a well earned holiday attached but also of being able to catch up in person with my lecturers and some of the other students involved in this field of study. Interesting how easily, after the initial hesitations, our physical selves slipped into the familiar relationships our virtual selves had already formed; it was special though to be able to have the chance to meet in real.

Home again now and my thoughts are turning to what is ahead. On the immediate front I intend to be a lot more active on this blog than I have been of late; my MA and work projects having been my over-riding focus for the past few months. The work focus is of course still present and currently one main project is in its final stages of development; the occupational medicine simulation. In time I expect to post updates on specific areas of interest related to this particular project.

I will also be considering other possibilities for the use of virtual environments in education, ideas for research and development that have arisen out of my studies, and will be using this blog as a discussion space for those. Watch this space!


3 thoughts on “Graduation Complete: Now the Work Begins

  1. It was great to meet you in person, Aaron. You’re not very dissimilar from the avatar I already knew. Love to you and your family. Glad you all made it to the UK. Looking forward to seeing you again, sometime somewhere 🙂

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