Literacy Project: Interim Report

With the official published report not due till November it is heartening to see that the Literacy Project is, nevertheless, showing positive signs of achievement.

The project lead educator, Merle Hearns (Senior Lecturer in Foundation Studies at Manukau Institute of Technology), whose PhD research is the genesis for the project, has kindly given me permission to post the impact statements from the milestone report in the interim.

These are provided below.

Project Outputs

The game has been successfully tested and implemented. The value of the game has been reported by students themselves and is reflected in the error writing analysis that compared their writing both pre- and post-game play. Lecturers have also been unanimous in expressing their belief in the value of the game for the development of literacy in their students.

Impact on Practice

Lecturers in Foundation have become far more enthusiastic about virtual worlds through observing and playing the Literacy Game. Although there are still many lecturers who feel insecure running the game without assistance, there are others who appreciate the nature of the game allowing students to become involved in their personal game-play without having to rely too much on the lecturer’s expertise (or lack of expertise!).

Impact on Learners

Learners’ responses to the Literacy Game have been extremely positive. The comments from students indicating that the game has made them think, focused their attention on the structure of sentences, and improved their sentence building skills, have been affirming. A definite progress in writing skills, beyond the improvement shown through class teaching alone, also provides positive assurance that the game is of benefit to students.

Impact on Team

The enthusiasm of students for learning grammar and practising writing sentences, has been a pleasant surprise to members of the literacy team. Even some students who initially expressed reluctance to play a game, asked for “more games” once the Literacy Game came to an end! Lecturers are more confident now in using the game, as they realise that students do not need the lecturers to be expert game-players!

Encouraging feedback in my view.


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