Literacy Project: Moulding Clay

The title refers to how I have been describing this project build in my conversations lately. The ‘clay’ a collection of design theory and academic research, tempered and/or enhanced by the constraints and affordances of virtual worlds. The final form an environment that has as a consequence of its existence, a positive effect on the literacy levels of those participating in it. At this stage no definitive ‘final look’, just a number of ideas that are starting to take shape. I’d like to share a few of those as they evolve.

I’ll be using video at times and just talk to what’s being viewed. It’ll be point and capture; a builder’s camera rather than high production; but it will occasionally give a clearer view of a concept. Small sections on a particular aspect is the plan.

The Terrain
This first video looks at the terrain; its reshaping since the first take.

A Photoshop file (saved as a .RAW) used for the basic terrain shaping is mentioned. The initial and the latest RAW files are displayed below.

Themes and Icons
Creating a consistent theme across the build from HUDs to learning spaces, ensures that each part is seen to belong to the whole. Using cultural references in that theme, through the use of plants or motifs, bird song etc., supports a sense for the students that this is their place; distinctly New Zealand. This video looks at some of the iconic aspects incorporated into the build to help support that sense of belonging.

The Levels
The first of the levels has also taken shape this week; an enclosed environment ready to be populated with content. A couple of images of that below.

This has the off-wordly (i.e. transported into the game) effect that I wanted and is of sufficient size that 2 or 3 students could use the space in multi-user mode. However just a taster. I’ll cover the levels in the next post as there’s a bit to talk about and show you.

Till then.


Next in the Series: Trials, Tribulations and Other Stuff


4 thoughts on “Literacy Project: Moulding Clay

    • Thanks Liz. I find talking through the work, such as with the walk-throughs, does help me clarify my ideas. It will also give me a chance to look back later on and compare current to past versions, which should benefit the design process.

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