Isa’s Thoughts Sit

Looking at my last post’s date it’s somewhat of a surprise that its been so long since I have blogged here. As they do, Christmas holidays morphed into the new year bringing the challenge of another semester with the MA Education in Virtual Worlds, teaching on the BIT paper MUV601 for Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology and various other work and personal commitments. In the wake of it all the blog has become a little neglected. Time to rectify that I think.

It has been the case in the aforementioned MA this semester that in some group sessions we have used Twiddla as an ideas whiteboard, in conjunction with being in-world, creating a kind of thoughts cloud. During its use it occurred to me that this is a function that might be performed in Second Life in some manner, rather than going off-world, and as is my wont the idea niggled till I just had to try my hand at creating the possibility. This has resulted in Isa’s Thoughts Sit.

So what exactly is it?

Isa’s Thoughts Sit is a sit that once sat on enables the user to float eight sets of text above their avatar like a cloud of thoughts. It contains a menu with a choice of sit poses and random text colouring to help individualise each user experience. Thoughts are floated by clicking on the sphere once you are seated. A text box for input displays and the submitted text then floats above the avatar’s head. Currently this floating text deletes when the user stands.

You can try out the sit by visiting the F/Xual Education Services workshop on Koru (see Virtually Related links in sidebar) where you can not only try the sit but obtain your own copy from the dispenser there.

This is a work in progress really, an idea that is probably only half formed so far. With that in mind I would appreciate feedback from any that use the sit on how they think it could be improved, or other functions that could be incorporated. A function for collecting the combined thoughts springs to mind, rather than the automatic deletion when an avatar stands, but users may find this unnecessary so I’ll hold off on this for the moment. Do however feel free to put your ideas into the comment section here, IM me in-world or send me an email if you have suggestions.



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