MA Education in Virtual Worlds

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well we’ll see.

Over the years I have educated myself as my occupations required. Online, in the classroom, skill by skill, paper by paper; but never the full diploma or degree, just the individual skills needed at the time.

This year after much deliberation I applied to the University of West England to sit their MA Education in Virtual Worlds. Last week my application was accepted.

Friends are asking me “Are you excited?”. In my usual subdued way I am and it is building slowly. Nervous too; I’ve never had to express myself at this level before so it will present a challenge. I’m already noticing the change in the topics I read, search out online; let’s hope that’s a good sign.

Determined though in the end, that it will be a fun ride and that I’ll enjoy every minute. For those who are interested I’ll be sharing it here.



4 thoughts on “MA Education in Virtual Worlds

  1. It’s great having you on the course. I am learning so much from you. I suppose its all part of the collaborative learning we are studying in our readings.

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