Slide Projector

Initiated from another request, this time from my very good friend and sometimes colleague Briarmelle Quintessa (SL) from the Manukau Institute of Technology down in South Auckland. Briarmelle was to be bringing a group of students into Second Life and needed a slide projector. With an Inventory as big as my own I would have thought I had one tucked away somewhere… but no. So of course I’ve built one.

The projector has simple back and forward buttons allowing for movement both ways through the slides. The slides are loaded into the projector by dragging the images from your Inventory into the Content area (exported from PowerPoint or somesuch as .png or .jpg and uploaded into SL). To access this area right click on the projector, select Edit, then click on the Content tab. The projector is sized by default to take slides with a 4:3 ratio (PowerPoint default size) but as it can be modified any ratio can be displayed appropriately if the projector is resized to fit. The projector will display the slides in alphanumeric order so ensure you have named them correctly to facilitate this. There is one image already in the Content area, defaultScreen. This must remain in place for the projector to operate.

There are a couple of functions other than just slide display provided with this tool. The first is the ability to set who can change slides. The menu for this is accessed by clicking anywhere on the projector other than on one of the buttons and can only be accessed by the owner. The available settings are Owner (the default setting), Group, or Everyone. The projector will reset itself and default back to Owner whenever new images are placed in the Content area.

The second function is one that happens in the background as the slides progress. The screen’s top and bottom frame rims are used to cache the next two slide images so that the normal rezzing fuzziness of a texture is eliminated, because the texture has already loaded itself into the viewer’s cache. Because of this it is best to leave the top and bottom frame rim colours as black to hide the fact that they are displaying these two textures. The projector is available from my workshop (see Isa’s SL Workshop link).



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