Thru’ the Looking Glass

Over the last six years I have been involved in a number of builds in Second Life , many of an educational nature such as the SLENZ builds, but just as many purely for fun, for the challenge, or just out of sheer curiosity. For most of that time I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the use a of a full sim, usually as initial builder/administrator, and have always had a space to build and experiment… my workshop.

Thru’ the Looking Glass is a wee look in. A conversation about what I am currently building or playing with. Some of the techniques I am trying out. Some of the tools I am using. What made it to the shelf and what ended up on the workshop floor. Along with these technical aspects will be the occasional dabble into the whys and wherefores of a build, the funding models, the realistic and unrealistic expectations; all those things involved in what can be the somewhat precarious position of developing educational builds in Second Life as a freelancer.

As this is written I am about 75% of the way through my current build, developing a simulation for the department of Occupational and Aviation Medicine, University of Otago, New Zealand. A short introduction to the simulation, an aeromedical transfer scenario, is shown in the video below. The construction, workings of and work towards the completion of this simulation will occupy the initial conversations in this Through the Looking Glass series. For myself, just having this as an online journel will serve its purpose. For those who read it I hope it is of some interest or informs in some manner.


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